How to Create an Instance

How to Create an Instance

Visit in your browser.

Click on the Get Started button.

Based on the number of users, subscription period payment, and active features, choose your desired product and click on the Create Your Site button.

After clicking on Create Your Site, fill the following form with the required information.

  1. You cannot use an email with which you have previously created a site.
  2. Each person can only have a single site in edSPIRIT with a unique email.

After clicking the Submit button you will receive a verification email.

After clicking the Verify button you would land on the site creation page.

Notice: If you wish to purchase another package you can do so here since your email has been verified and you would not be required to do further verification.

Fill in the required information for creating the instance creation.

Pay attention to the descriptions within each box while filling the form with required information.

Choosing a Sub-Domain: When choosing a sub-domain you should observe the standard character specification necessary for domain creation. Only use letters (lower case), numbers and dash. The sub-domain names can contain between 3 and a maximum of 32 characters. When choosing a name for your sub-domain do not choose well-known brand names and registered trademarks. Names chosen by other previously are reserved and cannot be used. Also, you would not be able to choose blacklisted and unpermitted words.

Type Your edSPIRIT Site Name: This name will be displayed on the home page of LMS and CMS.

Add an admin for your site and its services

Username: Username must be maximum 32 characters long.

Password: Password must be at least 8 characters long, and contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, and a symbol.

The email you provided in the previous step and the username and password you choose in this step would be used to log in into the various sections of the system.

Select default language: The language chosen in this step would be the default language of the site and after launching the service you would not be able to change the default language. However, if the multi-lingual feature is enabled for your site, you can add other languages to your site. (Change Language Settings in AC)‚Äč

After clicking on the Submit button you would enter the payment page.


Fill in the required information for payment and click on the Subscribe button.


Within a few minutes, your organization would be created and an email including the AC address, CMS and LMS would be sent to you.

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